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Technical Dive Training- Learn to dive with the knowledge and skill needed to plan and conduct dives with a decompression obligation. Use multiple gases for the best decompression profiles, and shorter ascent times. Understand the possible failures, and plan contingencies for each. Become confident in your ability to safely return to the surface after long excursions on mixed gas to the depths of the Ocean.

Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather Training- Learn the benefits to the Closed Circuit Technology. Enjoy the longer no deco limits that result from the constant PO2 systems, as well as the immense gas savings. Experience the thrill of close encounters with marine creatures that might normally shy away from an open circuit diver.

Diving Tours- Let us take you on a tour of one of our incredible sites in our San Diego area. There are so many sites to choose from, you'll probably have a hard time deciding. We can accommodate your needs whether you want to dive a shallow reef or a deep canyon wall, you decide. (all tours involving decompression require the appropriate certification)


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